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In December 2003, a new network of community groups, agencies, nonprofit organizations amd individuals came together to form WomenVote PA which is an initiative of the Women's Law Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. WomenVote PA’s primary goal is to improve the current status of women in Pennsylvania by:

  • Educating women about key issues and connecting those issues to the importance of civic engagement and voting;
  • Working with coalition partners to register and turnout women voters across the state; and
  • Using the expertise within the WVPA coalition, to provide opportunities for women to learn new skills to communicate more effectively with their elected officials.

By educating women about the political process and how it affects them personally, and by providing support and opportunities for women to become more civically engaged, WomenVote PA will reverse the trend of declining voter participation by women in our state, and in the process, maybe we can help increase the number of women elected to public office.